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Web server forums Seeking Staff
Web server forums are currently seeking staff.

We are looking for

Please Pm with your information and why you think you should be choosen.

Request a link below.

Note: We are new with little content, we are currently creating content, but with web hosting, not much content can be created and we would rather work with people who need help, answering their questions.

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No offence, but do you really need moderators at this stage...?
(01-26-2011, 03:49 AM)Derek M. Wrote: No offence, but do you really need moderators at this stage...?

Classic chicken or the egg arguement. You can say there isn't enough content/activity to need moderators, but if/when they do have enough then they won't have any moderator(s) already in place with site experience. I think a young forum like this serves itself well to employ at least 1 moderator they can trust to stick it out until the site takes off.
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We have one moderator but he has been inactive for a while, i have no idea why, could be a specific reason. Regardless it would be nice to have some extra hands and people to help promote the forum.
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