Tagless help
Hey its me and my bbcode issues again sorry but i want to know if i can get a certain sites links to show up with an html replacement with no tags??
What do you mean?
Ok I mean like any link that starts with http://nextgenvidz.com/view/
To get it to where my users just put the link down with no bbcode tags and it still gets replaced with an HTML ??
How would I get my bbcodes to work with no tag??
Example I use [ngv]videocodehere[/ngv]
Based off of my vid hosting site http://nextgenvidz.com/view/
With this HTML replacement :
<a href='http://nextgenvidz.com/view/$1'><img <img src='http://i4iphones.info/jh3qyu.png'> </a> <b><font size='3'>DL/Stream!</font></b></div>

Me and my members would like to know how to make it to where if I post a link without my tags - [ngv] [/ngv]
post it just like this http://nextgenvidz.com/view/videocodehere
And get the same effect without the bbcode tags

????????? Pls help
im serious i really need help with this......
You would need a plugin.
Well how would I get one?
Can someone make me a plug in that will do this??
Try the automedia plugin. Search for it on these forums. If it doesn't work Out Of The Box you can always ask the author to modify it to support your videos.
Thank you!! You are first to give a real answer!!! Wink

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