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Tech Kid - Free Computer, Network, & Firewall Support!
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
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This is a little side project i been working on, right now its offline but, i decided to make a forum where people could get Free Computer, Network, & Firewall Support!. Some people may have issue with there computers and just throw it a way and get a new one don't waste you money there are a lot of common errors on computer which have simple fix like a reboot. network its not an issue but don't people don't know how to setup a modem we offer tuts on how to set it up. so join today i am still fixing it so be up soon.
Forum is closed, we can't comment much..
Until your forum open's I'll close this thread. Please PM me or another staff member to have it reopened.
Thanks, Polarbear541

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