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Not Solved New xampp
Not Solved
My site is running on http://

I just installed the new version of Xampp which was last updated on Jan 26, 2011.

My MyBB forum was running okay but some plugin weren't able to activate. So I totally went into and messed up everything. I tried to start fresh with a new forum. But this is what happened. I can't start anymore. I even formated my computer windows 7 and it is still the same error. I don't want to use wamp because it is not that great with additional tools.
Not Solved
MyBB doesn't work with MySQL 5.5.8

It has been posted here a few time but I can't find a thread at the moment.
I found the thread with a solution from Matt
I tried snorting coke once .... but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose.
Not Solved
Ok thanks and that suck.
Thanks now that don't suck.

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