Discuss: MyBB 1.1.2 Released
Chris: Sent you a PM with my phpinfo. (Dont want Google crawling my pages yet)
You sure you sent it to the correct person?

I haven't received it.
You probably sent it to 'Chris'. Toungue
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Chris Boulton Wrote:AlbioB, I know you said 1.04 but are you sure it was 1.04 or was it 1.0 RC4?
I am sure that it was 1.04, not 1.0 RC4.

I sent you a PM my phpinfo.

p.s. Where can I find old myBB 1.04 to download? I would like to downgrade my board to let it work again, but unfortunately I deleted the tarball.
I ran into similar problems as AlbioB.

I upgraded from 1.03 (This was the number stated in the controlpannel next to "MyBB version:")

I restricted one of the forums, so that only super moderators could add new threads (I did this before the upgrade) and it worked. Afterwards the super moderators couldn't create new threats anymore. I changed the forum rules so that everyone can create new threats now. After this, also the super moderator was able to do so.

Maybe this helps to find the bug.

No news?
I got a news update. It might be very specific to my own host but I hope it will be of help too:

I contacted my host about the POST issue and they said the first PHP 5 compile failed because of a mysqli error. They recompiled without doing a so called "make clean", resulting in this bug. Your best bet is to contact your host and tell them to do a "make clean" and recompile PHP. I hope they will be as helpful as my host was to me.
I noticed that my board get back working. So I contacted my host too and they said that on 9 May they installed a security patch (but they didn't tell me what they patched; probably PHP). As a result, all data sent through POST actions was inusable. On 10 May they uninstalled that patch and all came back working.

So it just was a coincidence. Anyway, thank you for support. Wink
Glad to hear. Hope it will work out for Berni.
our lil problem made it to the php frontpage:


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