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Looking for an Aussie admin

Briefly, I'm looking for an Aussie staff who is interested in moderating an Australian community (

- The Administrator will be free to make any decision for forum including modifying forums, theme, roles,... choosing other staffs, and other legal things that a normal forum administrator does! Excluding access to FTP, php files and host. Admin is free to make money by advertising in related sub forum(s).

- He/She should prove that he/she is familiar with MyBB settings and features and also let me know why should I trust him/her.

- It would not be a matter how many users and posts we have. But you should keep the forum informative, comprehensive and accessible for both Aussie and Non-Aussie members free of charge!

If you are interested, please let me know. And if you aren't but know someone who probably would, it'd be greatly appreciated to invite him/her to this topic.

===== More Details =====

About Me:
I'm a PHP programmer and am familiar with MyBB since 2008. I've made lots of plugins, themes and unique customizations for a few MyBB forums which I was/am their technical staff. You should know that my native language is not English (if you didn't figure it out till now!) and also I'm not an Aussie yet (but I'm supposed to be -in the near future). I PHP programming and coding for MyBB and WordPress.

About the forum:
As for a long time I googled about Aussie things and I couldn't find a good general forum about Aussies and Australia, I just lunched one. Obviously it doesn't mean that there are not any useful Australian communities on the internet but they just seems not to be that general and comprehensive that I expect.

About this announcement:
I'm not interested in being an admin or moderator and to be honest, I can not do that because I think I'm not good enough in English and also I'm not familiar enough with Australia and Aussie culture. But I can add unique and useful features to the forum if it's needed and I'll support it technically.

Thank you for reading this novel!
I love the color'd thead's in your theme. Smile


Good luck!

Thanks for the PM, but as an Aussie (And an older one at that) I wish you the best of luck.

But Aussies do tend to be less chatty than most other people, and if they take an interest in something it usually has to be specific, rather than in general.

I see you've made provision for University chat forums/threads by State etc - Most Aussie students would no doubt be aware of and support this site if I'm not wrong.

They also tend to be less interested in what people in other states are saying too - Unless it's about Aussie Rules football or cricket. Big Grin

But don't let this stop you, just don't be disappointed if you eventually find out that Aussies in general don't talk that much about anything unless it's of a specific nature that affects them personally. Wink
I too am Australian, and I have the same view as Ozidave in this. I'm afraid it's not something I'd like to be involved in yet, although I wish you the best of luck.
Thanks for the PM Grandpa. It certainly seems like a good idea, but the task is a massive one. To get all the information you want to make it a genuine resource would take years, I suspect, without a large team working on the project. I appreciate the offer, but I barely have enough time to run my own forum, let alone this one which requires total dedication. I wish you good luck with it.
I too got your PM and have replied to one of your threads.

Unfortunately i cannot take up the offer / position for admin. I just started Year 12 today and my time is now very limited. I have my own websites to run, so i will be busy with those in my free time.

Good luck with the website.
Thank you so much for your great comments. I found out from your posts that a general forum would not be useful for aussies and they don't interested in it. To be honest, it's not a big deal for me to lunch such a forum. I just paid about $10 for a domain and then uploaded MyBB files to an unused shared host. So I wont regret it anyway. Smile

@ Alex H
Customization of index page includes just a bit of CSS and one semitransparent image. You are free to use it. Wink

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