All Infractions go to a forum?
I would really like this plugin, could anyone please pay for this?
Alright, it is finished.

(2011-02-07, 09:30 PM)koolace55 Wrote: Uncontrol stfu. You don't now how usefull it is. If you ever a ADMIN on a VB you will now. K tnx.

i was just fyi

glad you got it made, sorry about actually trying to start a discussion about why people want the things they want.
This is a good idea and it's nice, ill use this.
Coming soon..
(2011-02-07, 04:06 AM)Uncontrol Wrote: You can already do this with the moderation log. If there's something that needs to be discussed, then you make a thread about it. I don't really care if you get this plugin or not; it's just annoying to see people wasting their time making plugins that are barely justified in their existence when there are lots of more important features they could be working on.

Uncontrol, I notice you spend most of your time logging in and simple bashing peoples requests and arguing against a plugin. If your not going to make the plugin and your not requesting it or helping the op then just don't comment.

As for the download, just installed it and its great. Instead of starting a new thread it does the work for me and my mods plus allows a better reason and details of what happened and why. Im loving it

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