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Ye Olde False Flag
We are growing! YOFF has positions open that we need to fill. We are expanding our departments to include the following:


If you have the ability to research a subject, organize what you've found into a clear and concise article or blog article, respond to comments and questions about what you've written, YOU are who we're looking for! If you are looking for a place to publish your findings or thoughts on a researched subject, as a YOFF RESEARCHER and member of the YOFF TEAM your work will have an audience.


If you like to surf the web searching for stories and/or articles that may be relevant to the content of the Forums here at YOFF, and would like to post as a YOFF CONTRIBUTOR and member of the YOFF TEAM, you are who we are looking for!

These positions will come with their respective titles, VIP status with entrance into the private YOFF TEAM forum.

We are also considering creating a paid YOFF News Team at some point and involvement in one of these positions will be a requisite step toward that end.

Send a PM stating your interest in one or the other position, to Caiaphas YOFF Forum Administrator.
Added several new forums! Science and technology, veteran's news and issues, survival and preparedness strategies are the main forums added.

Things are going well, Mybb is a GREAT forum software.

I just added social buttons to each post so that any important posts after the main post has been facebooked or twittered can also be shared.

pic of the buttons
[Image: soci.PNG]

These have worked really well in being able to update Twitter with follow-up posts.
Things are looking good. 37k posts!

Did a couple things with the side box, seems to be working out.

Waiting for the big upgrade!

Come check out the forum!
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Man, that sidebar is huge. I recommend making it a lot smaller, like half the size that it is now.

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