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Dark Revolution
(2011-03-15, 04:46 PM)Matt G Wrote: Have you ever though of running a website making themes? or do you do so already?

I did at one point, but I don't really have the time to release themes at a decent rate - when they come out, they're kind of sudden and spontaneous Wink

(2011-03-16, 03:00 PM)alv4 Wrote: OMG
Love the way that show the "new posts" "No new posts"

Thanks a lot Big Grin I still have a little work to do though.
In fact, here's a quick patched version fixing the issues mentioned a few posts back. Submitted to the mods DB too.

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euantor, I have a question, for instance if I wanted to have various variations of your Dark Revolution theme, will only one Theme CP will be suffice to manage them all?
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It would be, but they would all load the same colours and stuff - I really hadn't thought of that possibility.
I see, could it be possible if I renamed every variant file, meaning the plugin and module?

Or it's not possible at the moment?
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It's mainly just the database that would cause issues. Everything's stored in there. The only way to do it would be to edit the plugin massively and all the added template variables. It's possible, but it's a lot of work.

What are you looking to do exactly?
Well this is no doubt a very fine theme, for me it's one of the best themes so far I've seen (that's actually free). The one you saw the other day was the "Red" one, it's still WIP btw. I plan on making about 5 different color variants.

Is there any "easier" way, for a novice like me?
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Why thankyou Smile I'm afraid there isn't, at the minute.

I was thinking of allowing users to set their own colour scheme at one point though...
Well it is:D

Can't wait for it then, I do hope to see these changes soon:)

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Sorry to bug you again>.>

But there seems to be a problem, the background goes all bad on a wide screen monitor. It repeats itself.
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Thanks, Your good post. I was looking.

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