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[For 1.6] View Unanswered Posts
and again plugin called "View Unanswered Posts".

This plugin adds a function to search topic without any replies (unanswered posts). Administrator can exclude forums by ids in ACP.

Package contains:
- Plugin
- Instruction
- English lang files
- Polish lang files

It's similar to my previous mod View Unread Posts, but certainly lighter Smile

If you have any problems, please inform in this topic.



.zip (Size: 30.78 KB / Downloads: 154)
Version 1.2:
- rewrite to OOP
- add unanswered posts counter
- compatible with MyBB 1.6.5
- improve search security
Version 1.4
* change license to LGPL v3
* change plugin sign in hooks
* code cleanup

Official page:

Great Plugin,
can you make View Unread Replies plugin...
It's available... Smile
its not that what i mean are unread replies like the one that SMF have.
I have installed this mod but I don't see any option in portal or forum page
Please help
I would like to modify this a little bit. And there are a couple of options

I am using this plugin and it is great. However the problem i found is that some posts do not require a response. Thus leading to a lot of posts clogging up the unanswered posts count. When someone posts and no ones answers, its hard to tell which is which. We would like to keep the number to 0 at all times.

Is there a way to have admins and mods select certain threads to be removed from this search permanently?

To have a specific prefix of [NR] (no response) and have this plugin only search (exclude NR prefixes)

How can i modify this to either of these methods?

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