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[For 1.6] [RELEASE]PureBeauty

I created this theme based of the default MyBB theme, with a few nice touches, round edges, the theme is professional and elegant and looks great overall.
  • Support will be provided in this topic and via PM.
  • You may edit this theme.
  • You MUST leave the credit line in place on the footer.


Nice George is looks very nice... He is planing on have many other themes to be released as well.... And hes current one hes working on looks very good. Big Grin
can you make PINK one too Smile
Are you being serious or joking around?

That wouldn't be a problem. Just change the blue out for pink?
Great looking theme Smile
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Go to my site and sign up please! Smile
Thanks, we are still making more let us know if you need any themes. Big Grin
Container colour is ugly, but otherwise, looking good.
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
Well if you download it feel free to change the color of it. Big Grin
I have problem with DONATE button , can you help me out how to remove it?
(2011-02-16, 05:57 PM)choco4 Wrote: I have problem with DONATE button , can you help me out how to remove it?

Go to Admin CP --> Template & Style --> Templates --> PureBeauty --> Header Templates --> header --> Find & remove the following code:

<li><a href=""><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/toplinks/donate.gif" alt="" title="" />Donate</a></li>

Note: Sorry about the "", I will use "{$mybb->settings['bburl']" next time, I'm new to theme creating.

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