Site was down
I kept getting "too many connection" errors today. I was wondering if that fact that there is around 13 pages of members with 0 posts, most of which have been around for more than 4 months and not posted. Can they be pruned if it will help anything??
If you got a "Too many connections" error, then the only way for that to be resolved is if they ask their host to allow unlimited amounts of MySQL connections.
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Or a high number. Alternatively you could use an external mysql server, maybe on another host which allows more connections and connect to that. Obviously you then add more data transfer across the internet into the equations so pages would somewhat slow down.
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If you're talking about the MyBB Community forums, then there were some problems with the MySQL server last night. I think it's fixed now Smile
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I thing there was a problem again today. For about 6 hours, I couldn't connect to the test. Kept giving me a "cannot be displayed" page. Maybe a domain or hosting problem this time??
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