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[For 1.8] MyTabs - Tabbed Forum Browsing
Firstly i must appreciate the hard work of author,thanks so very much.

After authors last update i still find users have different problem Sad i hope author releases an nice update with all bugs fixed and with new tabs design .

anyone know any other tabs plugin ?

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Nice plugin. But if I can ask which one is better? This or labrocca's?
labrocca's plugin is for 1.6. you need to modify to make it compatible with 1.8.
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Everyone is scared to use this plugin because they believe it has vulvs, can't anyone confirm or deny that? I like this one much more than labrocca's.
it had, but OP fixed it. i'm currently using and I've no problems whatsoever but maybe you should wait for a confirmation from MyBB Staff...
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Have support question related to this plugin:

(2017-08-01, 11:56 PM)Darkrad Wrote: Hello I use MyTabs plugin in my forum and I created tabs with different categories etc.

What I want to do is, giving users ability to create their own custom tab. Via tab settings they will simply pick which categories/forums to be shown in that tab just like I create tabs from plugin settings but this one will be user-specific. Anyone can help me with this? I really think this would improve user experience in my forum, because some users use some forums in some tabs and don't care about the rest in that tab so they can collect their 'favourite' forums in their custom tab for example, would be awesome.

Is it doable EthanD?
MyTabs plugin CRITICAL ERROR causing problems with forums 1.8.

Screwing up totals count, making new forums invisible. After trying to solve this problem for a week, I finally discovered the problem is directly caused by MYTABS plugin.

I had to uninstall plugin for now. Sad

See my bug thread for more details about the issue caused by it:

Besides the critical bugs, I really liked this plugin. I can't use it until the bugs are fixed though. Using latest 1.812 mybb version.

Looking forward to a working version
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Please help ive tried everything i can think of to get it working again,

I had mytabs installed before i ran the mybb merger, merged my vb3 forum and now MyTab does not work

It appears on index, button skinning works, but it does not do anything to catagorys, no matter what it just shows every forum. any idea how to fix?

Ive tried it on the default skin and my premium skin, same result.
(2015-04-03, 02:17 PM)EthanD Wrote:
(2015-04-03, 01:21 PM)Ikerepc Wrote: Where I can find it in templates?
I want to move it...

It does not use templates. It hooks into the display of the forum and overrides the default forum generation to use its own custom display technique. The tabs are created by evaluating the custom templates offered within the MyTabs settings panel.

How to hide certain tabs from guests?
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Ever been updated to remember last tab selected on refresh? Would pay someone to privately update for me.

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