Plugin to email the admins when a new event is added on the calendar
I use the MyBB calendar for organising social events. When a user posts an event on our forum, it doesn't appear until it has been approved by an admin. This is to avoid any clashes (some members of the social club organise events offline, so all events on the online calendar have to be checked against these before they can go live).

I'm looking for a plugin so that when a user places an event on the MyBB calendar, an email is automatically sent to the forum admins so that they know to approve it.

Currently, the forum admins have to manually look through all the months in the calendar to see if there are any events to be approved, which takes too long.

Does anyone know of a plugin which could do this?
Easy plugin to make, but why do you let all your users post events? Seems like a bad practice that will invite spam, especially if you get a plugin that emails admins every time one is added.
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It's OK - it's a closed forum and all new members have to have their accounts approved by an admin before they can log in. It's a fairly small group, with about 100 members and most of these people know each other in real life. Therefore we don't really have any problems with spam and I'd trust the members not to abuse this feature.

Would you be able to help me write the plugin or provide me with some guidance on how to do this? I've never written a plugin before and I'd have no idea how to even get started or how to get it to do what I want!


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