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I am pleased to announce the relaunch (Database crashed) of MXitisgreat, an MXit fan site.

You might be asking what is MXit? Well MXit is a new Social network in South Africa, that is used by Millions of users all over the world, and we are just a MXit fan site.

Quote:Free online mobile chat, and so much more. Shop, play and explore a multi-million user social network.

MXit works on thousands of mobiles, old and new, making your old phone smarter. is the url to my site, the theme and community is still a work in progress, but I am happy with how it turned out for now... But far from done. (Theme is to be changed soon)

Suggestions and feedback is welcome.

ImprovCMS - A new Under development CMS
Use % instead of px in your theme's width. Its way too wide.
I don't understand the point of a fansite for a social network. Isn't the entire social network itself a fansite for itself?

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