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Looking for Paid Work!
Hey guys,

I'm currently looking for paid work. THis can range from paid posting to paid staff position. You may be thinking, "This guy is new, I can't trust him." But, I assure you you can trust me. I have an extensive reputation on the online community and know several members on this site from elsewhere.

I'm an established moderator who has been staff on many major sites. I have also done paid work before and am currently a paid moderator on a forum with over 100,000 posts.


My resume:

This is for any job opportunities you may be offering. Paid posting prices will be listed below.

I am looking for:
-Community Based Admin Spot (Position that deals with the community, nothing technical like actually helping with the making of the forum. Adding an occasional forum or editing some preset codes to update something is also fine.)
-Community Team/Moderator positions (self explanatory)

Why you should pick me?

-I have about 3 years website staffing experience under my belt.
-I have great grammar.
-I am very professional.
-I am extremely active. I usually spend 6 hours total in a day forum surfing. (a lot of this is on my iPod)


What Sites have I been staff on?:

Admin Junction Admin (A site that is now shut down)
Admin Network Admin(Also shut down)
The Original ChatBam Head of Staff(shut down...) Moderator (of 10 plus boards including the Suggestions and Feedback board, several gaming hubs, and Books.)(Not shut down)
Promotion Box (shut down)
Birdy's Nest Moderator (100,000+ posts)- Retired

Sites I currently Work On?:
Forum Promotion Community Team Member since July (747,000+ posts!)
Forumansion Admin (run on MyBB, 84,000+ posts)
Promotion Box (not released)


It might appear that I haven't been staff on enough sites or long enough to have good experience, but each site I'm on I stay long term.

On SuperCheats, I have been a member of SuperCheats since May 15th, of 2007. I became a moderator shortly after joining in Animal Crossing Game Cube boards. After that, I moved on to the Animal Crossing hub (all the animal crossing boards), which I shortly became a Mod of the Guitar Hero Hub, Halo Hub, Suggestions and Problems, Pokemon Hub, and Books forums. I then was forced to resign from SuperCheats due to Real Life Problems. I now post there every so often.

Admin Network asked me to be a Global Moderator as soon as I joined. I had to resign shortly after due to the same Real Life problems. I came back when I found the link and asked to get my position back. The founder said I can get it back when he opens the new site.

I was an administrator on Admin Junction, but stepped down due to an unwillingness and general difference in views between the staff. This is the follow up board of Admin Network.

I am a new admin to the Green Gateway boards. Plan to stay for as long as possible.

Gaming Madnezz has been around for about 4 months, and with the three site changes, we've accumulated about 4000 posts. Over 2000 posts on the current site.

I joined the original ChatBam shortly after it's release. I became Head of Staff and stayed with them until my real life problems caused me to resign. I guess the site was redone several times after that.

I have been a staff member on countless other projects, but they are either no longer accessible or have been ran down to spam.


I am fluent with the MyBB moderator control panel and admin control panel, would be a valuable asset!


If you are interested in paying for posting, here's my offers!

I will be posting any amount of times for $.05-$.07 a post. You make the offer.

Posts will include:
  • Excellent Grammar.
  • At Least two sentences per post.
  • Introduction topic included (free of charge).
  • Signature and Avatar.
  • Posts will never be in the Forum Games Section.
  • I won't post in any forum you ask me not too.

I will be accepting three offers. Payment must be sent via PayPal as "Gift."

Here's how I will be accepting payment. For large orders, I will ask for payment every 200 posts, so, if an order is $10 for 1,000 posts (just an example), you would pay 2$ everytime I make 200 posts, eg. 200, 400, 600, 800, 1,000. For medium orders, I will take half payment up front. For orders $2.50 or less, I will do all the posts first and than ask for payment.

I am doing blog comments. Each blog comment I make will be more than 2 sentences, and will contribute to your blog. These will cost $.05 for each blog comment.

Current Orders:

Thanks everyone who considers me,
Matt Smile
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Good luck! I saw you on FP and you had a nice ranking there Smile.
Stuck somewhere on MyBB and need some help? Don't hesitate to PM me, I'm always happy to help you.
[Image: 4bIL7E3.png]
Themer, crappy coder!
I am hiring posters at the moment, , though i am only paying AFTER it is done. i will pay 1 cent extra per post.
(2011-03-14, 06:09 PM)Lith Wrote: Good luck! I saw you on FP and you had a nice ranking there Smile.

Thanks mate! Smile

itheme Wrote:Hey mate,

I'll check that out! Thanks for the offer Smile
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Hey everyone, I would just like to bump this up as I need some money for an upcoming project.
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