Special Admin Mails
Hi all,
i am looking for the following functionality:

Admins (or user groups given the permission) have another ckeckbox in their "Write new Pm" screen. Checking that box does these things to the PM:
  • The PM is highlighted in the recipient's inbox
  • The PM cannot be deleted (or only after being read / replied to)
  • The user cannot deny a return receipt, regardless of usual privileges

Anyone ever seen sth like that as a plugin for MyBB?
I've seen it (handmade) in another community.

*shrugs* no answers at all? oh, come on.....
1) will need a plugin (dont have it sorry)
2) will need a template edit
3) has to have perms
Yeah cool idea, though I've never seen one for MyBB. Wouldn't be a bad option, though it's pretty extensive and would take a little while...money's a good incentive to get it made Wink
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If you send me a PM ill look into this, otherwise I forget most likely..
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