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[4k+ posts] - Starting Offer $30[Auction]
[Image: bannerhfg.png]

SimplyGFX is a graphics, art, and design community with over 4300 posts, 550 members, and 650 threads. We have a bit of premium tutorials and resources as well as an abundant amount of resources and tutorials for regular members to view. Our largest and most popular section is the graphics discussion section, which is rare for most forums to have their most popular section be the section that the forum is based upon. Most forums have the general discussion section as the most popular.

Our graphics section has:
2,853 posts
375 threads

While our general discussion section has:

What you are getting;
Domain - Expires Sunday 02/19/2012 (Registered via
1 Month of hosting via
Forum Database and Plugins (minus a few due to them being plugins I paid for)
Logo and all custom images made by myself.
All current ads in place of it. (It is a feature forum on, a very large promotion site currently)
I will through in paying for a beta posting package as well.
This thread shall stay up and I will keep it up to date. <link removed> (You may need to register to view.

I apologize, I cannot give you the theme as it is a theme you have to buy, somewhat.

Starting Offer: $30
Minimum bid increment: $5
BIN: $200 (Might as well go big or go home, eh?)

If you would like to contact me off site, you can contact me at either;
[email protected]
[email protected]
Can you also send me Analytics data please?
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
Any data in specific you would like, or just an overall report?
Unique views and page views per week, and traffic sources.
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
If you need anything else, just ask.
35$ , interested ?
I'm giving it about a week before I make a final decision, maybe sooner, depending on how fast the bidding goes.
I'll bid $50, if this is still up for sale.
Domain and Hosting sold, not the database. Resetting offers back to $30.

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