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Need Custom Theme Design ($40 BUDGET)
I need a MyBB theme designed (not coded).

All I really need is the homepage (index), and a few buttons done.

The site name will be "Primady" (or Primady Gaming). You can think of a motto that has to do with a gaming community, be creative.

I like the layouts of:

I like red/blue and white/black.

In the header, there needs to be a spot for the current forum time, a spot for the current amount of registered users, and maybe a spot for profile information.

I will pay up to $40 for this, hopefully less. All I need is the .PSD.

Post away with your portfolio links!
I can do it!

I just finished a design for Cohen, & he had no problems with it. :p I'll PM you with some previous work, and see what you think.
That would be great. Smile
I highly recommend Alex H. He is fantastic.
Still looking..
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
PM sent.
<snip - no referral links>

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