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Selling Forum
I'm selling a forum. When you buy it, you get the following:
  • Hosting with Hostgator (Hatchling Plan) - Bought it last week, LASTS FOR A YEAR!
  • The domain (expires soon in March).
  • Completely custom MyBB design by me (the one up there now).
  • The complete forum database.

All users have valid e-mails. One mass e-mail and a bunch of people should come to your forum.

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The traffic is horrible, as I bought a database, put it on this new domain, and never did anything with it really.

Post your offers here and I'll take the highest bidder. Smile

PM me as well. MSN is [email protected] Payments are to be by Paypal.
what is the forum about.
They're mostly gaming threads.
(03-16-2011, 04:30 PM)Shukaku Wrote: Databases cannot be sold on this forum.

Well, i guess its not just the database. Its a full forum.
I've removed my offending posts and won't take any further part in this thread.
No PM support
My YouTube
Deleted mine as well, sorry.

Still for sale. The hosting is worth $80 alone, I'll sell it for less though. I bought it honestly a week ago, so it lasts for another 11 and a half months.
What database did you buy and how do we know that other sites aren't using the same one?
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There currently is one other site using it, but the owner guaranteed that he is going to stop the forum in the next couple of days. I can't link to it here as it's a hacking forum. I can tell you the URL in a PM and you can check out all of the posts there live, or on

All hacking related posts were removed (about 1000 of them).

I believe the guy that he's shutting down his forum shortly. He disabled registration on his forum. He said he'll slowly let it die, then remove everything.
Still for sale...

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