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This is my forum :
We only launched it this month so it's pretty new..but we have a growing and enthusiastic community.
As you suspect our main disscusion are on "PC Security" if you like to talk about that.. join us .. if not you can comment in here about the layout and how we can improve it...
Thank you.
[Image: 2rB6o.png]
Its pointing me to 404
I like your design Smile

I'd try to remove the horizontal dark bar at the very top.. other than that it looks nice
Themefreak - High Quality Premium Themes
Overall I think you've done a fantastic job.
Nice theme and good categories selection. Good luck.
Thank you guys.I;m glad you like it. Big Grin
[Image: 2rB6o.png]
Looks very good. Nice design.
Very nice site. Love it to death Toungue
Nice work shame dziner studio already had something extremely similar to this...

Tip: if your going to copy a theme, at least make it somewhat accurate to the original.

I don't want to see any arguments, I'm right doesn't matter how bad he is at ripping it's still too similar to dsv4.

[Image: x40POJ.png]
:lol: LOL even the logo is copied one.

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