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General Forums
#1 is a new General Forum offering users a wealth of discussion and a place to interact.

Users can discuss literally anything, as long as its not deemed inappropriate. is for global users and not just British citizens.

So, stop by and say hello Smile
Good domain and theme. You must get more activity though.
Only set up the last few hours, so wanted some feedback for I start promoting.

Thanks for your comments.
I know. And include some different categories that other general discussion forums doesn't have. Good luck promoting it.

Any ideas on the best place to promote?
Practically no one will join a "General Forum" these days.

All specific topic forums have a "General" or "Off-Topic" area.

You need a more unique idea, rather than just "General".
I think it will work just fine, but thank you for your feedback.
You have practically no members & no activity, how is it "fine?"

Here's my perspective, what makes your "General Forum" so special, so great, that would drive me away from making "General" discussion here, on MyBB.

And MyBB is just one of several dozens of forums I've already have membership on, that are massively active & offers General Discussions.

Yours offer nothing that all forums out there doesn't already.

No offense, but people really need to stop trying to come up with "General" forums. They don't even grow to the point of a tiny community with on/off activity. They get none at all.
Firstly, I said it WILL work fine, not that its CURRENTLY working fine.

Second, there are General Forums all over the internet that receive high volumes of activity everyday.

No offense, but you need to stop advising me on a subject you clearly know nothing about.
I didn't deny the existence of General Forums, and since you acknowledged it, you should also recognize the fact that it's a difficult market to compete in since there are so many existing & "active" ones already.

But those "highly" active ones, generally are fairly old & has a ton of history.

So, fine then.

I'll continue monitoring your forum for the next year or so.

Let's see if I can be proven wrong.

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