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Event Thread
Does this plugin work on the latest MyBB? I see its been a while since updated and not a lot of people helping jetpig.
I have done the following recommended changes from this thread thanks to the relevant posters.

line 118:
"isdefault" => 0

line 208, 235, 237, 678:
change "repitition" to "repetition"

line 339 - bad type - allways "recurring" never "ranged":
change "is_array($event['repeats'])" to "!(in_array('0',$event['repeats']))"

line 693 - thanks Petrusilius:
change "fetch_friendly_repitition" to "fetch_friendly_repetition"

Also compatibility changed 16 to 18 so that it would install on 1.8.12

Problem I am encountering is calendar now seems to be locked, cannot post or edit events.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a fix, or is anyone running the plugin on 1.8.12 successfully?

So I'm getting somewhere with this, changes as per previous post.
Had the edit error as did jetpig.
Ran the plugin hook update, which found errors and (fixed) them, but the edit button has now dissapeared entirely from event posts.  Huh Can someone advise a complete novice on how to get it back? do i need a 'post bit' plugin and can anyone advise on how this is used to put the edit (calendar_event_editbutton) back in the event post?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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