[Tutorial] How to completely remove post icons
I've updated the tutorial. See the "Remove from Private Messages" section to find out how. Smile
<td align="center" class="trow1" width="1%"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/{$msgfolder}" alt="{$msgalt}" title="{$msgalt}" /></td>
<td class="trow1" width="35%">{$msgprefix}<a href="private.php?action=read&amp;pmid={$message['pmid']}">{$message['subject']}</a>{$msgsuffix}{$denyreceipt}</td>
<td align="center" class="trow2">{$tofromusername}</td>
<td class="trow1" align="right" style="white-space: nowrap"><span class="smalltext">{$senddate} {$sendtime}</span></td>
<td class="trow2" align="center"><input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" name="check[{$message['pmid']}]" value="1" /></td>

here is my private_messagebit code, im confused, post icon still on private message Undecided
If you did everything the tutorial says, the post icons column should not be visible on your inbox anymore. However, I did forget to tell you how to remove the post icons from the send private message page. I will update the tutorial shortly, but for now:

1. Go to Admin CP > Templates & Style > Templates > Your Template Set > Private Messaging Templates > private_send.

2. Find and remove:

thank you, it works Smile
After following your tutorial, everything was fine expect one thing, the column for icons still shows when you view new posts or search.

How do I remove that?
I've went ahead and edited the tutorial. You should continue it from step 22. This time I made sure I covered everything, as I searched through all the templates. You will also want to revisit steps 4 and 4 in the private messages section, there was something missing.
There is one more left in usercp_attachments_attachment, should it be removed too?

Thank you.

EDIT: There's a little problem also!

When you do steps from 24 to 26, and then when you go search new posts, the template is messed up. You can check it on your own forum if you want.
Any help??
I think I win the award for the longest tutorial. Toungue

The occurrence for $icon in usercp_attachments_attachment refers to the icon of the attachment's file type, not the post icon. It should not be removed.

As for the other issue, I totally forgot about that, sorry! The colspan values need to be adjusted. I've updated the tutorial to fix this small issue. You should continue reading from step 27 through 36.
Ok it works perfect now Big Grin

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