[Tutorial] How to completely remove post icons
(2012-08-21, 07:07 PM)Fábio Maia Wrote: There is, but it's not a complete solution. The post icon column will still be shown.

Yes I know, I already followed all steps.
I just would like to disable post icons in settings.
I have lot of sections btw... could be posted the sql query to disable icons too please?
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Great tutorial Smile
There. It's finally done. Great tut Smile Long but great Wink
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Well I know I'm totally bumping this thread.

[Image: 1Cfn4]

Used and replaced, fixed all the code but still see it when replying. Mind assisting me?
You either missed a step or two or you're editing the wrong template set (i.e. another theme's templates). Did the edits take effect anywhere else?
Are you guys aware you can disable thread icons now in the admincp under forum management? You have to do it for each forum but that doesn't take that long and if you just run a mysql command you can do it with a few clicks. No need to edit your templates anymore.

Forum Management -> Edit Forum -> (under miscellaneous options unclick) "Yes, allow post icons to be chosen for posts"
No. That only disables users from choosing the post icon. The post icon column is still displayed, which is why this tutorial is so long, and also what most people want to get rid of. If you ask me that option is almost useless if the post icon column is still visible (especially in a new forum where threads have no post icons).

I could edit the tutorial and replace steps 1-4 with an SQL query to be run, but I honestly just don't see the advantage. In the end, by not having to switch between the templates and phpMyAdmin all the time, you'll probably save a bit of time. Besides, there's no option to remove it from private messages, so I might as well keep the tutorial consistent. Also what if a theme author considers post icons to be a useless element in his design? Instructing users to run some SQL queries upon installing the theme doesn't strike me as the best idea. All in all, editing {$posticons} out of the templates is just better for the purpose of this tutorial.
Found this very useful, I have one member who insists on using these for almost every post, I think they make the board look a bit immature when you are trying to attract adult members.

Thanks a lot from everyone for the input.
[Image: userbar_zpsfd84f02d.png]

I'm English, I use an "s" not a "z", the spell checker is wrong not me !!
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thankkkkks so much!!!! Heart
Thank you so much for this Smile

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