[Tutorial] How to completely remove post icons
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Hey, can you please help me! I followed this tutorial and must've removed something important, my post helper things are gone.. look.

[Image: iconsgonelolol.png]

Can you please help me bring them back =/

I really need it back, and I don't know how to fix it. I want the post icons gone, but not that one helping bar thing.
A screenshot doesn't really help. Can you provide your forum's URL and a test account?

Also, please copy and paste the code in your newthread template.
This was really helpful. Thank you!
I did all of this without this guide ... did not realize how many steps I must have taken to do it, haha.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Awesome tutorial Big Grin
What do you do if you need to re add them back if deleted>
Well you undo everything. It's not like post icons are needed anyway. They are absolutely useless in my opinion.

You could export your theme before following the tutorial and use that as a backup of the sorts. However if you constantly edit your theme it will quickly be outdated.
Is there a sql query that deactivate icons for all sections?
There is, but it's not a complete solution. The post icon column will still be shown.
I just did this on my board and love the change. If 1.8 resets these templates though, I won't be very happy. The edits are tedious.
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