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Not Solved "Old DB pass" stored in database after merge?
Not Solved
I'm currently (well, not me exactly) in the process of merging my old site with another site. My site had done a vB4.x merge to MyBB about a year ago with the vB 3.8.x merge module and I thought everything had ran fine. I did the whole import and the clean-up operation with no data loss or anything.

However, when it's come to this new merge, it seems that all my previous database details (DB name, DB username, even DB password) were for some reason stored in the MyBB datacache.

I thought that the merge system's tidyup would have erased any kind of stored sensitive information, but obviously not. This could just be a bug from my use of the vB 3.8.x merger on a 4.x forum, but I don't see how that would cause this.

If any more info is needed about where the values were or anything, I don't know exactly, but I can get the specifics (unless the merger himself makes an appearance).
Not Solved
The datacache's import_cache should be removed IF the final Cleanup phase is run. Are you saying it was run, but didn't remove the data?
Not Solved
Yeah. I ran the cleanup after the import over a year ago and had no idea this information was there until today when I went to do the merge.
Not Solved
Interesting. The next test import I do I'll check after cleanup and see whats going on. It may be that this has been fixed already, though I don't see anything on the tracker about it.
Not Solved
It was about a year ago that I did the convert and it was using the vB 3.8.x converter on a 4.x forum as I stated, but I just thought I should bring it up anyway.
Not Solved
Yeah, I appreciate it.

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