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ChatPC - The place to chat about PC!
[Image: ikayVY.png]

Over the past week I have been developing a new site that's made me really excited about my whole webmaster experience, ChatPC.

This site, came from an idea I had and sparked from there, I'd like to give credits for the name to a friend of mine. Basically, this forum is like all other PC related forums, I know you're thinking OMG not another one, but this one should be just as exciting if not more.

I am here to find people who will test out this site and get stuff flowing before I officially start advertising and what not. It will be at least a week or more until I'm ready for the testing of the site and for people to join. After that, it won't be a short process but shouldn't take too long before I start advertising.

People who can browse and post and also report any bugs they may find, will possibly be considered potential testers, I will know who is good for the job and who isn't good for it. I will be picky with this as I want my forum to be as clean and successful as possible.

I know the site isn't it fully complete yet and this really isn't a "showcase" but I'd prefer to have it here than anywhere else. I'm quite aware that the site is far from being perfect, or even considered a good site, but things will get better as time goes by. (That's you Uncontrol) Toungue.

I'm not releasing the domain yet (you can probably guess it), but if you're interested in helping out I would love to have you on the team, however I will be reviewing each person who applies to be a tester and adding you to the list. If you're interested, post a reply and I will review your account.

Hi, Shannon.

Design looks great and the logo is even better Toungue

But I think it will be quite tough to market, how do you plan on promoting it?
It's showcase you need a link...
The board is closed, so a link wouldn't be all that useful anyway Toungue

As for promotion, I'm unsure. I will probably showcase it around a few different forums. Is anybody interested in the tester position?
Showcase is to showcase you site and you need to have a link.

Moved to R/S/J
Thanks for that - G33K -, who would like to be a tester? Wouldn't mind you there - G33K - I know you're busy though.
I wonder why you would need testers. Because bugs aren't so common on a newly installed MyBB. If you just post a couple of posts and everything went right, you can go ahead and open your forum. Why would someone need to test a newly installed MyBB forum so much?

I guess you will only need posters at this time.
It's mainly for theme bugs, not MyBB itself. I did design the theme myself and there could be multiple bugs.

I might just release it instead, and get people to report any bugs that are found.
If you want to get rid of bugs, just validate it.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.

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