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He wants me to promote him a little, the link to the image isn't broken for me either. Should be no problem. I might use them images too.
(2011-04-06, 09:13 AM)Shannon Wrote: He wants me to promote him a little, the link to the image isn't broken for me either. Should be no problem. I might use them images too.

It is broken or it isn't? Won't work for me.
Not broken for me or anyone else, it might be just you. Needing more members!
We haven't heard from anyone else, have we?

Broken for me. And here's the code. Notice there's no link:
<div align=center><img src=></div>
Bump, getting more members!
You still don't have any interesting content! That is why people are not joining. No matter how many times you bump this to the top of the forum, people aren't going to join just because you ask them to. Where's the incentive? Where's the pull?

You ignore all of my advice. I would suggest you reconsider it. This is a highly competitive genre and you're not doing anything to stand out -- and since you admit your knowledge in this area is lacking, I'm not sure why you feel you should be an administrator in the first place.
I feel I should be an administrator to gain more knowledge. Isn't that what people would usually do if they don't have a lot of knowledge in a certain area? Practice.

As for unique content, I'm still deciding what I can add, or what plugins I can get to make us stand out. I will decide over the next few weeks perhaps and see what I can come up with.
Then work on it for a few weeks before bumping this topic again (if you bump your topic 3 times it gets closed).

And no, forums are usually run by experts in the subject, and the people who join the forum are those looking to expand their knowledge. Not saying admins know everything -- I'm still learning more about my subject every day -- but they should have a higher knowledge than most of their members. If I'm going to a PC forum it's because I want knowledge, answers, solutions etc. related to PCs. I'm not going to get that at your forum, because you can't hold a leadership role in a subject you're admittedly an amateur with.
I'm not an amateur by any means, I've actually got more experience than most people would have and I have a decent knowledge in the area. I just don't know everything and I am learning each and every day from members and just from research.

I'm joining with a member there to get more unique content going and to get the site running better. You can't really say my forum is unoriginal either, I've made my own sections, the theme and I've got all the content, that's original.

I know YOU would go somewhere else before my site, but hey, give me some time and my site might just be as good as all the other sites there are.
I just realized there are text link ads all over your site. Wow.

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