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ChatPC - The place to chat about PC!
[Image: logo.png]

Over the past week I have been developing a new site that's made me really excited about my whole webmaster experience, ChatPC.

This site, came from an idea I had and sparked from there, I'd like to give credits for the name to a friend of mine. Basically, this forum is like all other PC related forums, I know you're thinking OMG not another one, but this one should be just as exciting if not more.

I know the site isn't it fully complete yet but I'd prefer to have it here than anywhere else. I'm quite aware that the site is far from being perfect, or even considered a good site, but things will get better as time goes by. (That's you Uncontrol) Toungue.

Head over there and get posting! I'm excited about this, and so should you.

Shannon -

1.0.0 - Added Blog, Awards, Google SEO and new buttons.
1.0.1 - YouTube Advertisement Video Made:
1.0.2 - Added a forum game award, and made first official forum game thread. Winner gets award.
Change the background colors of thead, tcat and tfoot to the respective colors of their images. They are currently showing the default blue one before the images are loaded.

Good site, add some other categories and increase the content. Good luck.
What colour are you suggesting I change it to?

I am having trouble getting members, they don't seem to want to join as much as I thought they would.
The outer grey area I would get to match your Indigo color.

What sparked this idea?

There seems to be a lot of discussion areas & a lack of support.

What may help is if you had a few techs working for you writing & posting guides.

Spark people into asking questions & for help.


Oh and a "Rage" forum would be nice, LOL.

Chat about horrid stories which could include bad 1 on 1 experience with the PC or support with DELL/HP, etc
I've tried a few different background colours but everything seems to look bad. I will try a few more colours and see what I can come up with.

There is 21 threads I made, just to get content before I release it, when more people join they will post on those threads and get more discussion going. Not sure who I can get to write guides, but I will most certainly check that out.

I will add a Rage sub-forum in the lounge, if it get's abused I will delete it with no concern. Thanks for the ideas weBex, would you mind joining?
I'm rather busy these days, I won't be able to contribute.

I'll consider joining if I have time.

You should ask as many as your friends as possible to help you.
Not many of my friends are actually interested in PC, I'm one of a kind out of my friends. I'll probably end up asking some of my online friends however.
They don't need to have interest, just ask them as a favor to help you build up content for a few weeks.

I'd make that "Rage" forum more visible and post some stories.

It would entice other people into joining the conversations if it were more visible.

I for one couldn't wait to post my stories in relation to other users at ihatedell.

It's just where that idea spawns from.
Yeah, I do understand what you mean. I just don't think people will show a lot of interest in it to start with, that's why I'd begin with it in the lounge. If it does get popular I would simply move it outside the lounge to retain it's position.

Changed the background to a similar colour to the thead, tcat and tfoot. Take a look, what do you think?
Oh yeah, I think that's a lot better.

A new banner could help too, something a little more flashier.

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