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Hack0Holic Gaming Forum
(2011-03-25, 03:29 AM)Jessie S. Wrote:
(2011-03-24, 11:40 PM)Uncontrol Wrote: dudes who hack online games are hardcore jerks.

Troll much?

I used to hack PSP games, its a good learning experience believe it or not. I got really involved in the games coding and made a lot of my own hacks. I think its cool anyhow, nice site, good luck with it.

I'm talking about hacking online games e.g. CoD (which there are several sections for), not hacking for homebrew/single player/etc.
Please note that your forum contains a hacking PC section which is definitely not allowed to be showcased
[Image: darkmew.png]

Feel free to PM me if you have any issues with the community. Big Grin

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