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[Any Version] Integrate your MyBB with Mediawiki!
Yes, new installation of mediawiki, latest version downloaded from
Does this works in MediaWiki 1.7? I can't make it to work...
Don't use mediawiki, but great job !
In 1.17.0, AuthPlugin.php is in the includes directory, but if you include it, Mediawiki throws errors.
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Same issue as above. Mediawiki 1.17. Added the lines to LocalSettings.php as instructed but only a blank page displays when the main index.php is opened. Moving AuthPlugin.php to the root instead of the includes folder and modifying the appropriate lines in /includes/AutoLoader.php resulted in the original mediawiki page being displayed requesting a login, but upon logging in, an error "Unable to connect to MyBB database" is displayed.
Closed on request of author as not able to support this anymore.
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