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Interviewed You is looking for a day to day post exchange
Forum Link:
Your name on the board: Max Pen
Exchange Details: Me and our team are looking for other boards out there to do post exhanges with.

This can be 2/2 a day, or 7/7 spread in a whole week. The point of course getting those 7 done at the end of the week.

Our rules are: Making posts with 5+ words, good grammar. no i but I for example in posts. And making your and my posts in time. if I or you can't do there part we say it in time.

Anyway in total 10 people on our board have to get an post exhange going, so reply with offers.

All genres of forums are open.

Requirements would be: 20 users, 500 posts, 50 topics.

Thank you for your time. Smile

You can PM me, or e-mail us at interviewedyou[at]
USHOST247, Nuova Webs. | Miscy Networks owner

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