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RTFW - Rate the F$@%ing Web!

What is it? Basically, it's a place to see what people think of your website, or tell others what you think of theirs. Eventually, once we get enough traffic, we might start doing a Website of the Week thing where we feature a neat website.

We're just opening to the public, so go join up today!
[Image: LogoO.png]
Honestly, I really don't like the theme.

Get a new creative design, then I'd say you would have more look on gaining members.
Cute name/idea, but ...

... did you really use Comic Sans?
For the logo I used Komika Text, but for the theads, yes. I kind of wanted a comic-booky look to the site, and I didn't want to spend too much time on the theme.
[Image: LogoO.png]
(03-30-2011, 10:18 PM)Firestryke31 Wrote: I didn't want to spend too much time on the theme.

appropriate; i didn't want to spend much time looking at it

seriously, don't use comic-sans. if i'm looking for feedback about my website, i'm not going to go to a lazily created website to get it.
oh lawdy

I think you'll end up attracting more ratings towards your design (heeelo web 0.1) than anything else.
good u
Haha I love the idea. Change the theme and I'll join up.
What don't you people like about the theme, specifically? Is it just the font (that's really only used in one place)? Or is there anything else about it that you would suggest improving?
[Image: LogoO.png]
It's the theme! xD

Personally I have no problem with the font... but the background doesn't fit IMO and I don't like the blue and yellow together.

I suck with designing so I can't really point out exactly what I don't like I just know it isn't appealing xD If that makes any sense at all. xp
>comic sans
>blue, yellow and red

The style (as in general application of things) isn't bad, but the color and font choice is rather.. hideous.
good u

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