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Not Solved [General] How to remove all threads, forums and users?
Not Solved
Hi, I have a forum already, and I am creating a new one. I just copied everything from the first one, including file system and database, so that I wouldn't have to re-install all plugins and configuration from scratch.

I would like to remove all users, except the admin, of course, and all forums and all threads.

Is there any special way to do this from the admin interface? Or should I got directly to the database and delete everything from the user, post and thread tables? If so, is there any thread with the sql's already created for that?

thanks a lot
Not Solved
Hi Emerson,
You have more than one option.
The sql is not a problem since phpmyadmin makes truncating tables very easy.

Option 1:
If you truncate (empty) the user, post, thread and forums tables, you might want to also empty forumpermissions, forumsubscriptions, and forumsread.

Make sure you restore uid #1 in the users table.

Option 2:
Start with a fresh install > export those same tables* (copy the sql) >> import into the other database.
*Either make sure your export includes the "drop table if exists" option, or drop the tables in advance from the other database.

With both options you need to finish by rebuilding the caches and/or update (add) a forum, so your forum datacache is rebuilt 'automatically'.
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thanks seeker, I went for the first option.

One weird thing is that even after removing all the postreports it still shows 2 report notifications.

tI also still shows the maximum users at the stats.
Not Solved
You are welcome,

maximum users: As soon as you add or edit any user it should update the cache.
Similar for postreports
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