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Pirate Language Pack for MyBB 1.6.x
The Pirate Language Pack, used here on for April Fools' Day, is available to download on my resource site. (It's just easier for me to be able to keep it updated over there!).

The language pack comes complete with the icons used but it doesn't translate all language strings to pirate - the Moderator CP, ACP, member registration notices, syndications and some error messages aren't translated to avoid confusion when you want your users to do something specific.

If you visited the forum over April Fools, then you'd have seen it's a novelty language pack!

For more information, you can see the release thread here: Xekko Resources: Pirate Language Pack - it contains info on how to get your hands on it.


Tomm Smile
Hopefully someone will find it useful for their Pirate type community. Smile Great Job.
Now whenever you're in a "what's the best forum software" fight you can just say MyBB has a pirate language pack.
Awesomes! Love the pack Tomm
[Image: jag100sigaf5.jpg]
[Image: poptartFINALTINY.gif]
you have to do lots of sign up things to get it Sad
This should help speed things up Jordan:


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