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Not Solved [Performance] Youtube video tag doesn't work
Not Solved

I wanted to add an Youtube video on my post but it didn't work.

It shows like this:

[Image: 29333303.png]]
How can I fix that?
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Check if:

ACP>Forums and Posts>YOUR FORUM HAVING YT VIDEO>click EDIT Forum;

Find in some Miscellaneous Options


Yes, allow [video] code in posts (requires MyCode to be turned on)

is ticked/check.

This should solve it.
Not Solved
I have the same situation and followed what you said to find that it is checked accordingly and still does not show

Not Solved
try automedia mods..

it's simple, just paste youtube link in post, no need of mycode or embed code Smile
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