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Computing Technology.
I hate when people demotivate others...Never mind.

In Your domain I liked "mypc" part but you should have used other end part than ""..

mypc is really good choice but not ""

You forum looks simple and clean, but take my advice whenever some one is interested in pc forum they go more with theme, better the theme, better registration.
Keep going you need to post yourself a lot to keep runnning. Add game category may be this can interest people.
If you love mybb than Check This Link Angel
See this
(2011-04-09, 09:22 AM)Shukaku Wrote: Don't like the domain name, tons of empty forums, no content, no forums, just another fail imo.


And too many forums. Also the theme is a little too bright Undecided
I close the board and start something new Big Grin sorry for that...
[Image: zHM1U.png]
The link in the first post takes you to a php-nuke board not even running mybb now this thread should be closed.

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