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Not Solved [How To?] Add a message to the top of the MyBB calendar
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I'd like to add a message to display at the top of all the pages within the MyBB calendar. I'd like the message to appear between the breadcrumb links and the beginning of the calendar table. Which line of calendar.php do I need to edit in order to do this? The message I'd like to add just needs to be a simple line of HTML, but I can't work out which part of calendar.php I need to add it to in order to get the message to show up.
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Go to: ACP > Templates > Calendar Templates > calendar > and add any thing you want to add just under the
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Thank you, but unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a Calendar Templates link within the Templates page. When I click on Templates, these are the 3 options I get:

Global Templates
blueforce Templates (this was a custom theme which I no longer use)
Default Templates

How can I get a template especially for the calendar page?
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If you are using `Default Templates` then Go to: ACP > templates > Default Templates > Calendar Templates (Usually at the top of the Default Template's page) > calendar > and do the above edits.
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Thanks for your help, I've found the calendar template now and I've succesfully added the required message. Smile
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