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Not Solved [How To?] New forum...
Not Solved
Hey guys Smile

I'd rather not get too into this, but I'll give you the basics. I have a forum.... and I'm making a new forum, this forum has nothing to do with my original forum.

Because of modifications and work I've put into my original forum, I want to use a public_html copy and set my new domain to it...

Now this isn't a problem, but I need it to work... So that means database issues...

We want to have the same theme stuff in the db but we want to reset the user data, so there is only one admin and we can grow from there...

I'm just going to make a copy of the original database and try to wipe out the user data... but I'm wondering if any of you know an easy way of doing that? Like some type of phpmyadmin command(s)

Any help would be great Smile thanks

[Image: 25175.png]
Not Solved
Hi ToJ,
This thread has almost the same question, my answer (post #2) should do what you want.
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