Custom Forum Icons ~ A Unique icon for Each Forum
(2012-01-16, 03:22 PM)ranjani Wrote: ^ @beagle , see Free icon sets

@GalaxyFreak , responded at your related thread .. however, there appears to be a bug in Chrome browser !!
suggestion is to add alt attribute text for image code to replace the image , if image does not exist ...

<td class="{$bgcolor}" align="center" valign="top" width="1"><img src="images/ficons/{$forum['fid']}.png" alt="." title="" class="" id="" /></td>

Not working for me, not on Chrome and not on Internet Explorer still the same!

Yaldaram do you know annything to fix this ?
thank you sir yaldaram.
great tutorial
Thank You.
I have a question...........

I use the also and works great!!! But I miss one thing and is this possible to set it.
If I made a forum as category the category gets no image in front the forum and I want to have also by category's a own image.

Now the forums that I have set as category are out of sync Sad see picture:

[Image: forumqt.png]

So is it possible to set also for the forums that set as category a image??
can u explaine the steps or codes??

Do you want to add image in front the the Category name mentioned with tick mark here?
(2012-04-01, 06:02 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: Do you want to add image in front the the Category name mentioned with tick mark here?

No not realy haha, I want to set a image for the category forums like the image:

[Image: imagedd.png]

I have for all forums and subforums a image (like the image) and now I want to set it to for the category forums...
Can u help me to get this also on the category forums Big GrinBig Grin
Category forums ? I didn't understand. How could you make category forums ??
Uhmm you choise if you make a new forum the option forum or category.....

And if you set a forum as category the images not working, and I want to work this also for this type of forums
Yes I know but these are not forums, these are actually categories. And you can't post threads/posts in categories.

This tutorial is supposed to add icon infront of Forums/Subforums.

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