2 Extra add on's to the built in reputation system
Hello all,

I have 2 ideas to make 2 minor plugins that are a add on to the current mybb reputation system for 1.6. or 1.6.1, latest version.

I'm wondering who here can make plugins and who makes them but for there plugin site like mybbextra's or mybbz,etc ...

I am not just publishing the idea public as it might be created by someone and he or she takes all credit on there plugin site.

So rather asking if anyone can make it for free to the public for the whole mybb community? Big Grin

It is also ok if you the reader of this topic want to make this for your plugin site but then I would like to talk about it via PM with you.

As my conditions would be:

1. I get credit for giving the idea, somewhere putting "master412160 gave me this idea". linking to my profile on mybb.com
2. I may use the 2 plugins once made without paying $5 or $10 to subscribe to the whole plugin database of your plugin site.

Thanks for reading,

and this are not like "omg ideas" just 2 nice things I believe that are not on mybb yet related to the reputation system.Wink

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