[Request] Custom MyBB Theme for a game fansite
As most of you may know, the video game Dead Island is releasing soon. I have created a fan forum due to popular demand that is set to release once I get a well suited theme for it.

So I come here today to ask if anyone is kind enough to donate a free custom theme to me. You can put your link in the footer of the theme redirecting the person who clicks it to your site, no problem.

I would be willing to pay for it, but I am on a very tight budget and by donating a skin to me I will be very greatful to you. I may donate upto $8 if I really enjoy the skin. Once someone is willing to make me a custom theme, I will tell theme the specific things i'd like to see.

Link to official game site: www.deadisland.com
The link above provides you with a general idea on what the game is and how it looks like.

Once again, I really appreciate who ever helps me with this and I thank you a million times.
[Image: jgfx.png]
I can do a theme, but I doubt for $8 and only if you like it. My site is http://synthd.com PM me for more info.

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