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Not Solved Merge Post Crash
Not Solved
Dylan, I don't have access to the server that the orignal (the forum which I'm trying to merge) forum, such to the Admin CP -- so I can't upgrade it. That's why I need 1.4. Hope that clears it up.

Install MyBB 1.4 on the new host, going to upgrade now.
Oh no, I can't get our custom theme :/ I can download the xml file, but not the image file of our theme. Is there a way I could get the theme (none of us have access to the server)? It's a custom theme that was made for the community, It would be a real big loss if we couldn't use it on our new forums :/
Not Solved
(04-16-2011, 09:59 PM)faviouz Wrote: You can download MyBB 1.4.14 at:

It's the latest update to the 1.4 series.

(I wasn't aware you could import a 1.4 database to a 1.6 installation, but here it is anyway)

You can, but it isn't supported, as I stated here when telling him to update:
(04-16-2011, 09:58 PM)Dylan M. Wrote: You don't need it. Just import that backup into your current server, upload the 1.6 files, and run the upgrade.php from the install folder. Voila. You now have a 1.6 forum.

Not Solved
I'm saying to upgrade it you don't need the files for 1.4, just the database. Why upload the files twice? Wink
Not Solved
Ah, I get you Dylan. I'm having a problem right now though, it worked fine yesterday night but now all the threads and forums are giving me broken links. My Forum.
Also, in AdminCP after clicking any link, I have to log into AdminCP again Confused
Hm, upon investigation, I've found that I, by accident, set the cookie domain to our old one.
Not Solved
You probably didn't set up the friendly URLs right. You must enable the setting in the Admin CP and rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess afterwards.

See this for the Admin CP issue:
Not Solved
I can't change the settings from AdminCP as it logs me out every time I try to.
Not Solved
That's why you must edit /inc/settings.php first.
Not Solved
Thanks for the help! I've fixed the cookie problem now Smile Which setting do I have to change for the threads?
Not Solved
Admin CP > Configuration > Server and Optimization Options > Enable search engine friendly URLs? > Enabled.

Then rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess
Not Solved
Once again, thanks to MyBB team & faviouz. Just got one more problem, every time I open a forum, I get the following:

All 4 threads on this page are selected. Select all 4 threads in this forum.
All 4 threads in this forum are selected. Clear Selection.

I've cleared cache + cookies as well as "Clear Selection" but they keep popping up when I re-visit the forum.

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