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Not Solved Is to possible to assign a randomly selected avatar (from database) to a new user?
Not Solved
If not, is it possible to achieve something similar?

I'd like to check out all the different avatar plugin there is...
Not Solved
It would be possible, needs a plugin though.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
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Default Avatar:
Not Solved

That works extremely well, I use it myself.
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So there's no plugin for this? Would it be easy, you guys think? It would seem that a single default avatar would be pretty monotonous....
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I will see what I can do.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
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(2011-04-20, 02:01 AM)Darth Stabro Wrote: I will see what I can do.
Nice! I made a thread of it here:

Please keep me updated (whether you release it or give) somehow.
Not Solved

The plugin randomly pick an avatar from the Specified Folder with Specified Image Type and automatically assinged it to the New Registrant.

- You can select Custom/Default Avatar's Path. (Please do not add a Trailing slash after the folder name)
- You can select Image's Type (You can select which image type should be fetched from e.g. If you select .png from the option list then plugin automatically detect its image extension and pull the URL of that Particular Avatar from all the Avatar images)
- You can select Random Value. This value is useful for randomization. Please note that Lesser the Random_Value greater will be the Randomization.

You can add thousands of avatars images to that folder with only number names like 1.gif , 2.gif , 3.gif and so on.. After that Raise the value of Random_value and leave the plugin to do the rest of the work done Wink

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