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MyBB Expert Needed for various tasks and assistance
amon91 Wrote:You'll get a percentage of the revenue that all our joint projects may generate, so there can't be any harm really!

Did any one miss out this key word? "may generate" if you think about it, it seems as Amon91 has no data on the actual income that MAY be generated via his projects. Thus this creates the idea that you could do all the work and in the end get nothing. I personally would never step up to help if few things where not given to me.

1 - Name of the Project
2 - Projects Website
3 - Area of work
4 - Method of gathering income

Since Amon91 did not include such info I could guess many things. Some payed download site that provides you downloads of whats free for some sort of fee, adult video site, some sort of scam pyramid.

You get the picture whats with this big secrecy?
@Ohayo goshuujin-sama!
[Image: ad?utm_ref=ptsoft&utm_oath=1xcHRzb2Z0LmluZm8]
Thanks for your feedback. I'm not telling you what projects are gonna be in the future simply because there aren't any yet. I have some ideas, but I think promising something and then not delivering is the most damaging thing there can be to one's reputation and morale, and I'm not gonna do that. This is a discussion I'm gonna be having with whoever I choose.

As for compensation, that depends on how successful each project is and how much money it raises. I'll be actively monetizing such projects, or at least most of them, and their success will directly impact compensation. And you can have a lot of impact on their success. For example: if we decide to make a theme and sell it off for $15, you'll get a negotiable percentage of that. If we make a site, you'll get a percentage of its sales. We'll be doing many things, so at least some compensation will be likely.

Lastly, I think this can be seen as experience. Every designer wants to build out their portfolio, every website manager likes to point out previous experience and successes. This is an opportunity for you to do that.

Sorry for the unexpectedly long post, I just felt there were a few things that needed to be cleared up. Toungue

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