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[For 1.6] Forum Runner - myBB iPhone/iPad/Android App!
Version 1.1.5 has been released:

* Fix parse issue with latest myBB and Forum Runner

* Remove requirement for branded users to have a push notification account
Rob Johnston
Forum Runner Developer - myBB for your iPhone/iPad/Android Device!
Quote:Forum Runner is FREE for forum owners to install, and takes less than 5 minutes. The client for the iPhone/iPad/Android costs 1.99$ which is LESS THAN THE COMPETITORS, and has more features. Please see the list below for full information on Forum Runner's features.
Funny, because I know competitors who are free.
Yeah, cheaper than TT. Finally TT had competitor.
But, I prefer the price should be $0.99 like others native apps
I am using TT on my Android and Blackberry, WebOS.

I will give it to all my moderators for FREE Wink

So, Why you don't build for Blackberry?

There is a kind of a bug or something?

Post in normal browser using
--> for example.
But, after editing from FR application it replaced into

So, when others see from normal browser. Attachment become FULL view, not thumbnail again
Hello, Welcome to MyBB Indonesia to get local support
My 'Simple' Unique Plugin here Smile
FYI they sold to Internet Brands (owners of VB) and changed their branding pricing and licensing model. Totally sucks I wasn't licensed before the sale. Ugh.
(2012-10-01, 09:12 PM)labrocca Wrote: FYI they sold to Internet Brands (owners of VB)


maybe its matter of time, they will support other than vB platform then gone. Smile

I dont know if this mod still valid?
Hello, Welcome to MyBB Indonesia to get local support
My 'Simple' Unique Plugin here Smile
That's really nice Smile Forum Runner for MyBB Smile Thanks dude
I want to ask?

after I register on the forum and have activated the plugin runner is then already Verify Plug-In
so how do I get the app launcher for android iPhone funds?
such as the following picture
[Image: sundi3yansyah@github.jpg]
Someone can gently tell me what exactly and where I have to put ...

Is correct the two folders I selected ?... and where I upload it ?... the "root" is the "pubblic_html" ?... 'cause I'd try in this way and not was good ...

Excuse my inexperience ... Undecided ...
I did not use it.
because the use of funds
[Image: sundi3yansyah@github.jpg]
My friend install Tapatalk for me and is all ok ...

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