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Any football fans out there? Football-Base is the place for you!

I've ran forums for years, this one started up 2 days ago. I first started on SMF, then moved to MYBB before eventually moving to VB which i didnt like!

I then gave up forums all together and decided 2 days ago to open another football forum for good!
Good job. Only thing is that the search is off to the right hand side too much...

P.S. Great thinking of ditching SMF & VB for MyBB! Smile
[Image: livableworld.png]
Can't wait for the first American "That's not football, that's SOCCER" troll post. Other than that it looks really nice, keep it up!
I agree... Silly Americans! Toungue
[Image: livableworld.png]
Nice job, nice use of the theme. Only thing i can suggest is to change the on and off icons Toungue
Looks good..One question ..should the "Search" Button be place their ?
[Image: indA2g.png]
it seems a little off.... Toungue
[Image: 2rB6o.png]
I like the fact that the thread and post counts are on the far right, rather than to the left of the last post column. Very neat!
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Hey! That's not football thats soccer!!

Haha I kid I kid I am Indian so I know better ^.^

Very nice site. I really like the theme.
Thank you everyone. Smile

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