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Mybb Icon Set I'm working on
Should I continue or stop here?

Here is one of the icons:
[Image: 23savzk.gif]
What should I add here?
Don't make the end of the gradient white, that creates some discontinuity and just looks weird. Make it light gray.
So make it all gray instead of the little white at the bottom?

So like this?
[Image: 59zkoh.gif]
What should I add here?
Why does it looks so choppy?

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

I dont know might be because I cropped it so messed around with it so much....

So I'm taking it to stop because it sucks?
What should I add here?
Don't stop making it, just make it look a little bit more professional. That gradient is still way too strong, it needs to be subtle.
Work on smoothing your icons out, thats all I'm saying.

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

Try to use a gradient for the background rather than lines of colour.

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