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So very recently (yesterday) I launched - basically, a place for discussion about Microsoft related products including upcoming software. If all goes well, i'll look into hiring a designer and see if they can come up with an amazing forum design.

At the moment, looking to grow it - so do check it out. Thanks!
Ugly header, no content, overused theme. Where's the unique touch?
Needs a more unique theme, content and more activity.

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

I am in the process of hiring a designer, so, it will be completely unique - i've never worked with MyBB before so it'll probably take longer than usual to convert it.
Remember guys he did just open it yesterday. Smile Good luck op.
Ansem Wrote:Lets admit, phpbb is a joke, smf is a joke but atleast thats a little funny, things like xmb or punbb just don't cut it and vb is like the douchbag of them all. Mybb wins.
My mods Clicky!

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